Speak-up and start a conversation

Team conversations

The effectiveness of a team depends on the quality of its conversations. Team conversations often follow fixed, intuitive patterns, regardless of the purpose of the conversation. If the purpose is different than usual, the conversation can easily derail.

Also, the emotional climate within a team – perceptions of openness and trust, recognition and appreciation among others – affects the quality of conversations, and vice versa.

We help teams become more effective by:

  • creating awareness of existing patterns in conversations and their impact on effectiveness and team cohesion
  • offering tools to align conversations to purpose and situation
  • developing listening and dialogue skills
  • facilitating conversations


Strategy co-creation workshop

Create a strategy for your company, organization or team in only two half-day sessions and create a richer strategy while addressing misalignment between team members.
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team alignment

Mirror Mirror is a process that identifies the alignment gaps and opportunities between people in teams so they can develop a better shared current reality and become more prepared to achieve their objectives.
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Team dialogue intervision

An intervision process in which the team, guided by an experienced facilitator, learns to recognize and strengthen the effectiveness of team conversations.
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dialogue skills course

In this training we explore the fundamental behaviors of dialogue: listening, respecting, suspending and voicing.
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Conversation toolkit

The conversation toolkit helps team-leads to conduct effective conversations with their team about non-everyday topics.
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