Speak-up and start a conversation

Organization-wide conversations

We are living in times that cry out for better conversations. Effective conversations that strengthen collaboration, provide a platform for innovation and improvement, encourage action and contribute to an attractive work environment.

Such conversations are increasingly dialogue-driven. Dialogue is aimed at collectively generating new insights and ideas. Four types of behaviors are essential in dialogue: listening, respecting, suspending and voicing.

We design and facilitate organization-wide conversations about topics such as:

  • Identity and strategy
  • Change
  • Communication climate

These are some of our favorite work forms: Open Space. World Café. Appreciative Inquiry. Circle. Focus Groepen. Socratische dialoog. Fish Bowl.


Identity and strategy conversations

Dialogue-driven communication that effectively involves employees in the design and implementation of identity and strategy.
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Change conversations

Design and execution of dialogue-driven communication strategy that effectively involves people in change and transformation initiatives.
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conversation audit

Gaining insight into the effectiveness of the conversations within the organization and formulating interventions to strengthen it.
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