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Mirror Mirror team alignment


Mirror Mirror is a process that identifies the alignment gaps and opportunities between people in teams so they can develop a better shared current reality and become more prepared to achieve their objectives. The deliverable is a customised workshop with advance inputs per person and active leadership engagement.


Enhance team-performance by developing a better shared current reality and create an environment of honest, respect and positivity. The process works best with new teams and teams in change or difficult situations.

Key insight

Differences in the perceived direction that a team should take arise from misunderstandings, assumptions, subconscious biases, and information gaps.  This is hugely detrimental to motivation and performance and can be rapidly addressed with a structured approach to team alignment and effectiveness.


  1. Mirror Mirror starts with 1:1 interviews (60 minutes per participant).
  2. The captured data is combined to show where the alignment gaps and opportunities are.
  3. Based on the outcomes, a one-day workshop is designed and delivered with an expert facilitator. We start the workshop by ‘holding up the mirror’: presenting the interview results to show how the team collectively sees their situation.
  4. Owning the data the team can then discuss the differences and common ground on topics that were highlighted to shape a better understanding about how they can meet their objectives.

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