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Mirror Mirror is a tool that identifies and measures alignment gaps at the team level. This is followed by a dialogue process to address those gaps. It works by asking people how they see their world at work and comparing the results. Then the common ground and differences become clear.


Effective collaboration is not merely a case of putting people with the relevant knowledge together. Team members face the challenge of integrating their different perspectives and collaborating as a single unit to be effective.

Misalignment – cognitive or behavioural dissonance between people – can lead to decreased productivity, demotivation, stress and frustration, reduced drive and innovation, lost opportunities, unnecessary expenditures, increased staff turnover and even reputational impacts, often without awareness of underlying differences in perception of issues such as strategy, mission and role of the team and/or the team’s environment.

Key insight

Meaning is constructed between people through language, to create a shared reality. This explains why pockets of interpretations and beliefs develop among different circles, and why dialogue is an essential part of establishing shared meaning. 80% of conflicts at work occur because of stories that people have made up about what is happening and why, and then used as the basis of actions.


  1. Mirror Mirror is available in two varieties: Team Reflector and Team Reflector HD
  2. Team Reflector encompasses < 30 minute e-survey per person, overview alignment report and a half day workshop.
  3. Team Reflector HD encompasses 1-1 interviews plus e-survey (< 60 minutes per person), full team alignment report and a whole day workshop.
  4. In the workshop the team – led by a certified facilitator – will address the survey insights, formulate actions and define criteria for the measurement of change.

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