Speak-up and start a conversation

Leadership conversations

An organization’s ‘communicativeness’ is strongly influenced by the interaction and conversation styles of its leadership team.

Three considerations are key at the leadership team-level:

1. The quality of conversations within the leadership team

The consequences of poor dialogue within the leadership team are often far-stretching  – inadequate, sometimes catastrophic business decisions and ritual meetings where sensitive topics remain untouched.

2. The quality of conversations between the leadership team and the rest of the organization

Conversations enable an organization to maintain or recapture the agility, cohesiveness and energy so characteristic of small businesses. Crucial is to cultivate openness to what employees have to say, a willingness to talk straight about matters that senior leaders often prefer not to talk about and to create structures to allow insights and ideas from outside the inner circle, such as leadership circles.

3. The quality of conversations within the organization as a whole

The leadership team sets the tone for the style of communication, through ‘social contagion’, but also by consciously creating a work environment – structures and processes – that fosters a climate of openness and dialogue.


Team dialogue intervision

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Leadership events with impact

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