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Strategy co-creation workshop


Create a strategy for your company, organization or team in only two half-day sessions. All it takes is a motivated group of people, careful preparation and a structured dialogue. By co-creating your strategy you kill two birds with one stone: creating a richer strategy and address misalignment between team members.

For whom

This workshop is suitable for any team aspiring to develop a sound strategy for their company, organization or their proper team and function.


This strategy co-creation workshop ensures:

  • that the greatest possible diversity of perspectives is inserted in the strategy formation process, resulting in a richer strategy and a stronger sense of connection and meaning among the participants.
  • that the end result motivates participants to make a joint commitment with the strategy as their guideline.
  • that the strategy development process is professionally supervised in terms of content and process, so that participants are optimally informed and prepared and feel heard in every phase.
  • that participants learn to recognize and understand each other’s unique perspectives, strengthening the team and laying the foundation for more effective communication and collaboration.

Key insight

A strategy only exists in people’s heads.

How it works

The workshop will be facilitated by an experienced strategist and moderator. The workshop consists of the following steps:

  • Intake and briefing: defining goal, scope and timelines, approx. 1 hour.
  • Fact finding: collecting relevant and inspiring information as input for the strategic dialogue.
  • Preparation half day 1: providing participants with material for preparation and inspiration.
  • Half day 1: exploration of vision and ambition, internal and external environment and resources and an initial exploration of strategic solutions.
  • Preparation half day 2: providing participants with insights and take-aways of half day 1 and material for preparation and inspiration for half day 2.
  • Half day 2: choice of strategic options, elaboration of strategy components and determination of strategic priorities and related initiatives.
  • Output: the strategy will be elaborated in a comprehensive presentation deck based on the strategy canvas model
  • Follow-up: optional return session to discuss progress and adjust strategy based on practical experience. Timing in consultation.

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