Speak-up and start a conversation
conversation audit


Gaining insight into the effectiveness of the conversations within the organization and formulating interventions to strengthen it.


Outcomes such as motivation, collaboration and organizational effectiveness are to a large extent related to the quality of the conversations within the organization.


A brief online questionnaire measures how employees experience the quality of their conversations. These data are enriched through individual interviews and – if applicable – existing data, such as employee satisfaction andĀ engagement surveys. The results are discussed in a feedback session where all possible perspectives and underlying factors are identified.

In an (optional) follow-up workshop, priorities and interventions are formulated which are aimed at strengthening the effectiveness of conversations.


  1. Online questionnaire: measure how the quality of the conversations within the organization is perceived
  2. Enriching the retrieved image with individual interviews and data from internally available studies
  3. Feedback session: inventory of perspectives and underlying factors; Ā½ day
  4. Workshop (optional): determining improvement priorities, non-negotiable behaviors and interventions; 1 day

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