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Change conversations


Design and implementation of change communication related to:

  • transformations in mindset and behavior
  • renewal of IT systems and processes
  • mergers & acquisitions (M&A)


Effective change communication helps to reduce feelings of insecurity (stability),Ā strengthen confidence in the process (fairness) and to make employees understand the what, why and how of the intended change (hearts & minds).

Key insight

Imposed change is often perceived as threatening because important emotional anchors – status, security, autonomy, relatedness and fairness – are at stake. This directly affects the extent to which people are able to do their work and collaborate.

Only when stability and trust in the process are guaranteed, will employees be able to dedicate mental space to embracing new ways of working and thinking.


  1. In addition to timely and adequate information about reason, necessity, purpose and approach to the change, individual consequences, process and timelines, conversations play an important role. These take place partly organization-wide and partly at department and / or team level.
  2. The emphasis in communication gradually shifts to team-level conversations, while the organization as a whole is kept updated on the overall picture including key milestones, successes, things that may have went wrong and learning points.
  3. Obviously change communication can only be effective as part of an integrated change approach that includes role modeling, skill development, and reinforcement mechanisms in the work environment.

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