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We design, produce and facilitate strategy events with lasting impact. For the (extended) leadership team or in organization-wide settings up to hundreds of participants.


Mobilizing an organization begins with deep participation of formal and informal leaders and experts, creating tangible results together as well as shared commitment to agreed follow-up actions.

Key insight

Strategy meetings could have much more lasting impact then usually is the case. Nurturing a fertile strategic dialogue is a matter of thoughtful structuring, rigorous preparation and professional facilitation.


While each strategy meeting is designed to meet its unique purpose, these principles are key to achieving the intended result:

  • Start planning early, 2 to 4 months in advance of the meeting
  • Allocate clear roles with real decision-making authority: from client to design team, event coordinator and other applicable roles
  • Clear objectives, particularly the desired take-away from the perspective of participants
  • Early involvement of participants, ideally 8 to 10 weeks in advance
  • Deploying the right resources – from surveys to question cards, breakout sessions and digital polling – to get insights from participants on the table, before, during and afterwards
  • Clear and concise take-home materials
  • Flawless and transparent follow-up on all agreements and commitments made
  • Continuation of the conversation by getting feedback and new insights after the sessions

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