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Team dialogue intervision


An intervision process in which the leadership team, guided by an experienced facilitator, learns to recognize and strengthen the effectiveness of team conversations.


Substandard team conversations can have far-reaching consequences such as insufficient attention for opportunities and risks, undermining of team-cohesion and a negative influence on the quality of the conversations elsewhere in the organization.

Key insight

Every team is vulnerable to emerging patterns in conversations and the creeping in of various forms of bias. Subconscious processes such as group-think may result in premature consensus. By consciously handling conversational patterns and situations, the effectiveness of team conversations can be strengthened in a sustainable way.


On the basis of a preceding diagnosis the team examines which patterns occur in conversations, how effective these patterns are and how the effectiveness of conversations can be enhanced. In periodic follow-up sessions the learning and change process is deepened and perpetuated. The sessions are led by an experienced facilitator.


The team-dialogue workshop includes the following modules:

  1. Diagnosis: mapping the quality of the interviews through a short online survey and individual interviews
  2. Feedback session: taking inventory of perspectives, conversation patterns and underlying factors; 1½ hours
  3. Workshop: establishing improvement priorities, non-negotiable behaviors and interventions; 1½ hours
  4. Follow-up sessions (optional), one year, once per quarter a 1½ hour-session

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