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Change conversation training


In this training you will learn how, as a team lead, you can effectively talk about change with your team.


It is in the daily team conversations where new ways of thinking and working come to life and stay alive.

The purpose of the training is to become aware of your own preferred conversations patterns and to become familiar  with four types of conversations that you can use in different phases of the change process.


In every phase of the change process, it is important to pay attention to those questions that are relevant in the moment. Examples of such questions are:

  • Where does the desire to change come from?
  • Why is change necessary?
  • What does this mean for day-to-day¬†decision making and collaboration?
  • Who does what, where and when?
  • What actions have been completed and which are still open and why?

You learn to distinguish and apply four types of change-conversations: initiate, understand, perform and complete. By consciously attuning each conversation to the situation, you can clarify what is relevant to you and your discussion partners in the moment and lets significantly increase your effectiveness as a change lead.

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