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Free lunch-seminar open communication

16 January 2014: free lunch-seminar open communication

Organizations are pushed to the limit these days. Scores of initiatives are taken to get things moving and to bring engagement and collaboration to the next level. Employees are targeted through all possible means with mission statements, core values and other corporate messages. And they are confronted with one team-event, training or workshop after the other.

But are all these communication and HR-programs really that effective? Often things could be better. In many cases the root cause is surprisingly simple: a less than healthy internal communication climate.

The Golden Four of a healthy communication climate.

In this informal seminar we explore how organizations can increase their responsiveness and resilience by fostering a healthy communication climate. But not without a brief but thorough update on the latest insights from science and practitioners about characteristics, effects and examples of a healthy communication climate. Themes covered in this seminar include:

  1. The  GOLDEN FOUR of a healthy communication climate.
  2. The role of the Golden Four as the main driver of ENGAGEMENT AND PRIDE .
  3. How lack of openness and trust can foster CORPORATE SILENCE.
  4. Examples of successful organizations where a healthy work climate is seen as vital to maintaining a SUSTAINABLE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.
  5. What you can do to foster a healthy communication climate; the principles of OPEN COMMUNICATION.

For whom?

This lunch-seminar is especially useful for entrepreneurs, internal communication-advisors, HR-managers and others who are interested in how organizational culture influences people’s behavior and the organization’s bottom line. Participation is free. There is a limited number of places available.


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